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Currently in production, Frozen Corpses Golden Treasures is a feature length documentary about archeologist Dr. Gino Caspari and his search for Scythian Tombs in the Altai mountains of Central Asia. In the fall of 2016 Trevor travelled to far Western China with Dr. Caspari locating over 100 graves in the boarder zones of Russia and Kazakhstan. They followed the trail of stolen grave goods, escaped the military boarder guards, and spent time in traditional Kazakh villages wrestling and riding horses. In the summer of 2017 Dr. Caspari and Trevor carried Explorers Club Flag #134 on an expedition to excavate a tomb deep in the wilderness of Siberia. The tomb they located is the largest and oldest permafrost tomb ever discovered, and in the summer of 2018 they will finish unearthing this massive royal burial. The documentary will premiere in fall 2018.

Gino_ Kanas Horseback
Gino_ Eagle
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Heilutan - Grave Orienting
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Currently in production, The Last Dance is a collaboration with Gareth Roriston, former warden of the Galana Wildlife Conservancy in Tsavo East, Kenya. In summer 2016 Trevor joined Roriston living in a temporary Watha hunting camp and learned bushcraft skills such as animal tracking, fire starting, and archery. For hundreds of years the Watha have used poisoned arrows to hunt the Big Five (lion, leopard, cape buffalo, rhinoceros, and elephant) but particularly elephants. Now the elders are working with the younger generation to promote elephant conservation. The film documents the story of three brothers, Guyo who has left the village to become a lawyer and advocate on behalf of the rights of the Watha, his twin brother Benson who has used his bushcraft skills to become a ranger protecting elephants, and their eldest brother Charo, who is the most notorious ivory poacher in the region. This story shows the challenges that local people face and the inclusive solutions that are essential to saving the elephant before it dissapears entirely 

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In the summer of 2016 Trevor travelled with Adventure Canada on their Heart of the Arctic expedition. As part of the group of Young Explorers, sponsored by the Explorers Club, he created a film about Inuit traditional knowledge and how it is passed from one generation to the next. He interviewed community members and Adventure Canada staff, in Western Greenland and Southern Baffin Island on the topic of their identity and how it has been shaped by the concept of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit. The film is premiering at the Polar Film Festival at the Explorers Club. 

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